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100% NaturalWorks InstantlyNon-DryingAnti-bacterialFor all skin types

Acne Killer Skin Spray is a proprietary all natural skin toner that’s guaranteed to wipe out acne prevent breakouts fast. This spray cleanses pores and tones skin without drying because it locks in moisture while drawing out impurities. This innovative formulation tones and hydrates simultaneously, and it can be used with any skin care regimen.Acne Killer Toner Locks In Moisture!While most skin toners work to kill acne and tone skin, they work as mere astringents with the main ingredient being alcohol. Our unique formula uses a base of Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Aloe Juice, Liquid Caffeine, Vegetable Glycerin and 160 proof Vodka. We use just a touch of 160 proof vodka in our formula (much less drying than rubbing alcohol) to provide the same acne killing properties of alcohol without the drying effects. So this formula instantly tones skin and dries pimples out while locking in moisture. Acne Killer tightens and tones skin, increases surface blood flow and unclogs pores with no added chemicals or preservatives. Thanks to its high content of caffeine, this formulation also helps to repair and protect from UV damage.Acne Killer Guarantees Results!You will get results the first time you use this skin toner or your money back! In fact, you can also use this toner as a spot treatment without rinsing to wipe out new pimples overnight. If you have a pimple coming up, just wash your face with Acne Killer Body Wash and spray it with Acne Killer Skin Spray before bed. In most cases, that pimple will be gone the next day. There is nothing else like Acne Killer. One 2 fluid ounce bottle easily lasts between 30 days depending usage. Can be used on face and body.

Acne Killer Facial Natural Lavender Green Tea Skin Toner YEUPLIRGQ

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