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Targets the Root Cause of ACNEEliminates Bacteria, Oil Production and Dead Skin BuildupNon Irritating, No Chemicals, Completely NaturalOrganic and Vegan, Amazingly effective and Great for Skin HealthSoftens Skin, Promotes Health Skin. With usage commitment WILL diminish Scars from Acne

Proprietary Process of Hypochlorous Acid specifically targeting Acne and other Skin Blemishes. This all natural, Organic and Vegan formula, will with proper use will show improvement usually in the first week and proven with clinical testing in major Universities. Prevents Acne and Blemishes from reoccurring by eliminating the Bacteria that Cause Acne and other skin conditions

Acne Skin Clarifier Treats the Root Cause of Acne Bacteria Oil Production and Dead Skin Build Up. LOBAIJHQJ

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