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Effectiveness of Hydrogen - Anti-Aging, Acne Treatment, Wrinkle Lifting, Moisturizing, Anti-OxidatingExcellent Anti-Microbial Effects- Dry Solid Soap, Not Easily Dissolvable in Water with a Long Shelf LifeNatural Soap - Free of chemicals (no surfactants, harderners, artifical colors, preservatives) made by a special method of directly injecting the soap with hydrogen gas

The hydrogen in the soap creates an antioxidative lather when in contact with water, improving skin tone and eliminating waste inside pores. Ingredients: Licorice - removes inflammation & allergic reactions Shrubby sophora - removes itching on vagina White lotus - Vitamin C, Anti aging Barberry root - detoxification, Eczma treatment, burn treatment Codonopsis - Anti-aging, skin inflammation treatment Mung Beans - Anti-freckles, whitening Bamboo Salts - Moisturing, removes sebum Silver powder - Sterilization, Anion, Anti-bacteria Hydrogen gas - Sterilization, Anti-oxygen, Inflammation treatment, Whitening

All-Natural Hydrogen Soap Bar Wrinkle Lifting Acne Treatment Skin Toning OIMAHXZNK

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