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Free of Parabens, Fragrance, Dyes and Colorant.Not animal tested.Dermatologist tested.Soothing, Healing, Repairing for all skin types Oily, Normal, DryGreat for Sensitive Skin, Acne, Injuries, Post Surgery skin healing

Apart from this product being strategically important for rosacea and acne conditions, it also has great ingredients to stimulate the repair and rejuvenation of aging skin. As a hydrator it helps hold moisture in the skin - this is a critical aspect for repair to occur. For oily acne skin this will suffice as your hydrator (oily skin does not require a moisturizer). This product will tingle for about 30 seconds on application - often the result of immune system stimulating yeast glycoproteins in the product - but it will go to 'cool' soon there after (about 30 seconds). Once the product has absorbed, moisturizers and sunscreens can be applied over it. It was developed by an Austrian doctor and his wife while she was undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer (a treatment that often induces a lot of dermatitis). The medical solution is usually in the form of hydrocortisone or similar corticosteroids - these offer instant relief but will weaken the skin barrier with constant use. aloCellGEL is therefore a great product that deals with many irritated skin conditions. The nature and chemistry of your skin is unique, therefore interactions with the chemistry of products is potentially unpredictable. Please ensure that you review our terms of use of the site and legal disclaimers.

aloCell GEL by Dr Gimmelsberger 3.4oz frm BTS w VBQICCJAF

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