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CAREFULLY CRAFTED in Salem, Oregon. Our Face & Body Soap Bars are gentle enough for everyone in your family, even those with sensitive skin.MULTI-USE bar soap that is ideal for both washing & shaving. Keep one in the bath, shower & sink!VITAMIN E INFUSED face, hand, and body wash. Our bars are made from 100% natural, chemical-free mink oil to provide clean, refreshing nourishment to all types of skin. We never use irritating additives or headache inducing scentsNATURAL EMOLLIENT absorbs flawlessly into dry skin, leaving your skin clean, moisturized, and free of oily residue100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Touch of Mink products are made with the highest standards of quality and care. If you aren’t happy with the quality of our soap, send it back for a full refund!

Our Aloe Vera Transparent Cleansing Bar will drape your skin in natural moisturizers and enhance cleansing with the natural astringent qualities of the aloe plant. Using aloe vera rather than vitamin E oil makes this bar the perfect accessory for oily and acne prone skin.

Aloe Vera Transparent Cleansing Bar 12 Bars Touch of Mink FVLPDPPRF

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